5881WXT, Sovtek


This is the tube to use in Fender and Marshall amps that require a 5881. Specifically because of the retainer clips that grab the base of the tube.

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The Sovtek 5881WXT is the same as the 5881 but with a full size base for easy installation in vintage amp designs. The Sovtek 5881 delivers a warm, round tone that “sweetens” any vintage or modern guitar amp design. Built to rigid military standards, the 5881 will tolerate higher voltages than any other 6L6. In fact, they’re frequently used as replacements for the old 7027 model in vintage Ampegs. Extremely consistent from piece to piece. The Sovtek 5881 has a heater voltage of 6.3 volts at 0.88 amperes. Maximum plate voltage is 250 volts while maximum plate current is 73 mA. The 5881 has a Transconductance rating of 6000 micromhos and a maximum output power of 5.8 watts.

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